Welcome to Eat.. Pray… Turn Up!!!

1491664_10202308771936595_349554122_nWelcome to Eat… Pray… Turn Up!!!

My name is Chef Kenneth Green and i am the blog operator. Here on this blog you will find my personal tastes in food, life, and faith. A small bit about myself. I am a Certified Chef by the American Association of Restaurants and Hotels. My culinary journey began in my great aunt kitchen. Where i learned a wealth of knowledge from my great aunt. She cooked with a southern tradition and soul. From her kitchen my education took a formal turn as i attended the Clearfield Job Corps Center in Clearfield, Utah. It was there that i got the technical training in food and how to cook professionally. After completing culinary school classes beginner and advanced i completed a certification as a baker before going to Treasure Island Job Corps where i trained as a Chef.

Nowadays my passion is food! I hope to be able to share something that has brought me a world of comfort to the masses. I hope to be able to teach others how to cook good healthy and soulful food in thier home kitchens. From time to time i may discuss my faith on the blog as i am a Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. And the turn up part? Thats because i believe that we only live once and we must turn up and go live from the first days on earth till our last! So i will share restaurant reviews, travel reviews and more things! So sit back and enjoy and welcome to Eat.. Pray.. and Turn up!!


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