Buffet.. Low Sodium Style


Buffet.. Low Sodium Style

By Kenneth Green

Aurora, Colorado – So i go to this center for adults with disabilities. And one of the things that is most looked forward to is “Restaurant day” where the center pays for its members to go out to eat. Now only two restaurants ever get chosen to be eaten at. Either Country Buffet or Golden Corral and today was no different. They were going to the peoples favorite, Golden Corral.

And so today was no different they were going to peoples favorite place. Golden Corral. Now last month i did not attend just because i knew that buffets were not good for people with my condition. If this is my first blog post you have ever read i suffer from Chronic Congestive Heart Failure. Back in June i died three times in the hospital. I’ve done so much to overcome my illness, going back to doing the diet, doing fitness and excercise on a daily basis. I knew that going here was going to be a mistake. But i wanted the challenge and so i went.

Salad at Golden Corral, about the only thing a low sodium diet person can eat.

The Salad Bar is probably where all low sodium people should stick to. And even there they have dangerous food like chopped ham, etc. To be honest in my review of Golden Corral, i have found that its just not worth the money. I can make my own salad at home, even cut down more on the fat by making my own salad dressing which has so little sodium in it, its not worth counting.. And i would have saved $12. Ninety percent of the food at a buffet is high in sodium. People want comfort food and that means flavor.

Now before the Low Sodium crowd throws a brick at me for my last sentence. We know that when we go to a buffet we go to eat. To get our moneys worth. We want to feel sleepy when we leave. We want full tummys. That’s the danger there for a high sodium person. Because most of us used to eat big time before we had heart failure, am i right? If you eat at a buffet you have to eat so little that again its not worth the money. Let me show you what i put together that i thought was going to be good but it wasent.

You think its petite huh? Innocent plate huh?  1,000 MG of SODIUM PLATE!!
You think its petite huh? Innocent plate huh?
1,000 MG of SODIUM PLATE!!

Yes that small plate. AINT FILLING UP A CHILD! Well maybe it will fill up a child. That plate has 1,000 MG of Sodium, half of the 2000 MG of Sodium were allowed per the heart failure diet. That is ridiculous. That’s the problem. This is barely passable if you have a low sodium breakfast you can have a low sodium dinner and be fine. But most of us dont eat that way. I feel cheated. I feel cheated for the center paying for me to go have a plate that small.

So in my expert opinon. Stay away from the buffet’s if your working to stay away from sodium. And even if your not. Look at the nutritional values of food people, and get an understanding. If your going to go to a buffet your not going to eat healthy. So be prepared to deal with what may come because of it.


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