Life is what you make it..

Life is what you make it…


By Kenneth Green

Life is what you make of it i’m getting that slowly. As a patient who suffers from Congestive Heart Failure life becomes a game of watching everything. Watching how you feel. Watching the sodium you intake. The liquid you drink. EVERYTHING. I’ve been down this week some. I’ve gained a little waight back to where i was when i entered the hospital. Which for my height is actually a good weight. But in my mind i want to lose my gut. In my mind i want to become skinny and attractive.

Let’s talk about attractive for a moment. I’m learning slowly that i dont need to be 100 pounds soaking wet and ripped to be attractive. I have attractive qualities. While i may not be the most physically attractive. I’m learning from others that i have a swagger about myself sometimes thats attractive. My heart is attractive. My love for God is attractive.

I think i feel like im going through puberty again. With me not being on all my hormones and now they have me back on them i feel like im a teen again. I feel much better overall physically but now im going through some emotions. Now that my hormones are back, my desire for the opposite sex has increased which im crucifying the flesh daily on that.

There’s an ex of mine that has been such a huge support during this. She is awesome and she knows who she is. No its not Sammie. I throw that in because some folks may ask. No its not her. But i’m really looking forward to spending time with her again. She’s one of the ones i say got away because we broke up not because we were incompatible but because of someone else who got in the way who we’ve both cut from our life.

So on the health front. Cooking is becoming more and more interesting. I find myself having more and more vegetarian ways. Am i becoming a vegetarian? There have been whole days now where i’ve had nothing but veggies to eat. No meat. And i’m starting to not miss it. I’m actually starting to love veggies. I’m thinking about going on the daniel diet just because i know what it did for him, and meshach, shadrach and abed nego in the bible.

Spiritually its a war crucifying the flesh daily. Sometimes i lose to sin and falter. But i am always quick to recover, quick to repent, quick to apply the atonement and forgiveness from the father, Confessing my sins to God (not done anything serious enough to confess to a Bishop etc) Christ being the High Priest of our souls i know that he listens and helps us.

So i have now entered into a new business. Selling tupperware and im pretty excited. I know its a super professional company and i love it. I may post Tupperware recipes here from time to time. So be on the look out for that. I love the concept of getting paid to party. Well thats it for today! Be blessed and rock your day!!


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