Four Pounds of Flesh

Me at the Christus Statue

Four Pounds of Flesh

By Kenneth Green

As i sit up this early September Saturday i know that winter is coming. Corny aint i to use a TV Show/Book Reference. Ha! No even more funnier was the title of this blog post. Four pounds of Flesh, i heard a movie title that went something like that with Jean Claude Van Damme. Not sayiing i saw or endorse the movie. But when i looked at my weights from over the past weeks and saw i inched up four pounds it made me think of the title. Four pounds is not something i have to be rushed to the ER for. I dont have any weak feelings, or chest pain, or coughing, or trouble breathing or abnormal swelling. But i hate the fact that i went up weight. I’m trying to go down in weight. Alot of it is vanity, people still say, “But Kenny you only weigh like a buck forty.” and the Kenny of my mind is like, “Yea, but if i could weigh a buck and have washboard abs that would be great.”


Again i dont know if its in Heavenly Father’s will for me to ever see those wash board abs because i would probably stunt too hard. I’d think i could date whomever i wanted. Probably would go out to parties way more and risk my eternal salvation. So Lord can i make a compromise and get to a bill ten that’d be great lol! Seriousness aside i do have health professionals that monitor my weight each morning and log it and i’m doing okay. But i do want to lose weight so this week im gonna start looking at my fat intake. While i think i’m doing really good diet wise. I think since i’m looking for sodium more than fat and calories that i let some of that sneak in there.

I think i’m also going to do stomach crunches in my fitness repertoire each week. If i want to lose stomach weight i need to target the stomach. This week has been filled with Church activities and interviews. I got to know the most amazing missionary couple ever. I’m not going to mention names. But they currently serve in our ward and they are an inspiration to me. He told me of how he overcame weight gain, and health problems and how he walks six miles a day. SIX MILES A DAY! I thought i was doing the most amazing thing since sliced bread with my two. I gotta get to four miles before the first snow hits lol!

It’s not thier passion to being fit that’s a sole source of inspiration. They really want to see God’s people doing good. They want to see them progressing and going to each next step. And they really have had an profound affect on me. Things that i learned from them at the Temple, and opportunities they have afforded me to serve. I’m really grateful to know them. They have a sweet sweet spirit that i will miss when they go home and our times at the temple end.

I get a huge honor today. I get to baptize a young woman into the church. She and I know each other from a place we go to called 2 Succeed. And i did not even know she was investigating the church. She really is a awesome person and has always had a sweet spirit. She is friendly to anyone and i know that she will make a great addition to the church. Parts of me want to be like her. To be more friendly and to just love on others. I think that’s the goal this week is just to love on others!

Well the sun is up! Time to go get my walk in! Be blessed my friends!!!


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