#LaceUp It’s Time to Get Over It


It’s a hashtag i’ve used alot. Life sometimes just makes you want to stay in bed. Sometimes you just want to give up and give in. But then there’s that something in you that keeps you moving. There’s something in you that just makes you want to keep going. Something that makes you want to keep trying. So you Lace Up your shoes and you get to moving. I praise God for those moments. Because truly giving up means that you have nothing left in you. Means that you might as well be dead. I lost an uncle and i’m very sad because of that. But you #LaceUp.

I’m very upset at not hitting my sales goals. Or someone disrespecting me. Or someone not caring for me. And that makes me want to stay inside for a week but you #LaceUp. Tupperware is something i want to do for the long haul. And i’m very sad that people don’t see it the same way as i do (recruits that is). And i’m very sad when customers say one thing and do something else. But do you give up the business because of that? No you #LaceUp.

I’m to start my mission soon.. On the 5th of October to be exact. And i’m a little sad i wont be set apart before i start my duties. I’m a serious believer in the blessings in those setting apart. I believe they can lend strength and confidence. They can lend favor when on the phones and dealing with a tough situation, or learning something new. I’m very saddened that the Mission did not get the papers to the stake on time. Does that mean i’m going to quit or give up and not start on the 5th? Nope gonna LaceUp and depend upon God until those blessings are conferred.

In my personal life, its been tough. I see so many folks in love around me. And it makes me cry. It makes me feel defeated. It makes me want to give up on love. And i think that i do every day a little more. Like now i wont listen to R&B because i don’t want to get sad. Or when i see people who have accomplished more or accumulated more in life i get sad.  And i’m trying, i don’t work my Tupperware as hard as i could but that’s because ii’m afraid of health. I do work the heck out of it when i’m able too. And my Patriarchal Blessing promises success in my career, but i don’t see them, never have. I am praying that those blessings activate soon. But until then i will continue to depend upon God and #LaceUp.

My Friends, my message today is that you cannot give up. Even when you feel like your at your lowest and this has been one of those weeks for me. You have to lace your shoes up and keep going. Keep Driving, keep moving! God will add to you what you need. God will supply all your needs according to their riches in Glory.

Recipe of the Week

Microwave Apple Cobbler



  • 1 Can of Pie Filling
  • 1/2 Box of Regular Cake Mix or Butter Cake Mix or one box of Jiffy Cake Mix.
  • 1 Stick of Non Salted Butter
  • Chopped Nuts

Layer into a Large Vent-N-Serve or other Microwave Safe Container the filling, an-d then the cake mix, cut in the butter and then nuts if desired. Microwave uncovered
for  8-13 Minutes checking to see if its done in one minute intervals.41zjxuC0C-L._SS350_

If you would like to talk about possibly getting a Vent-N-Serve please call me at (720)469-8990 or email me at greenfamilyancestry@gmail.com


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