Book Review: From Baptist Preacher to Mormon Teacher

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This brotha’s book is one of the most powerful ones i’ve picked up this year. This year has been one that saw my return to activity in the church. And to be honest i think i am at one of the heights of my spirituality. Life has been very lonely for me. And with all of the physical battles i’ve had to endure it has been pure heck. But as i’ve come back to the Mormon Church it has been other people’s testimonies that have strengthened me. And has strengthened my own. Also i think that it’s being converted. Before i was a member of the church and knew it was true. But i dont think i became converted until this year. I dont think i became converted until i learned to be good all by myself and not need another soul. So anyways off of me and onto the book.

No African American with the exception of Alex Boye’ has had such a profound effect on me. This book has it all. From comical anecdotes to spiritual lessons that anyone can grow from. His story and background is much like my own. And no other testimony in this church has strengthened mine like his. From his baptist roots and Pentecostal/non denominational ministerial time to his experiences as a member of the restored church of Jesus Christ. I literally read this entire book in a day. And i cant remember the last time i’ve read an entire book in a day. He delivers a message of hope. Teaching us how to be strong members of the body of Christ, how to reach out to others, how to endure through the times when the honeymoon is over. This book is almost essential for any convert to the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. It gives lessons on how to endure. I am proud to call this man a brother in Christ and i know that you will be too. He brings you into his story as if you were just friends. You walk this journey with him through this book. And i cant wait to meet him in the flesh! And i cannot wait to see where his journey continues to take him. So if your interested in a book that entertains, edifies, and educates then you need to go cop it now by clicking on the image of the book above! You can find out more information about the brotha on his facebook page (Including speaking engagements) at


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