About Eat Pray Turn Up!!

About Eat Pray Turn Up!

Funny Name for a blog huh?

Why on earth would a blog be called this? When i thought to begin my journey into writing, i wanted a name that described my personality. Eat comes from my passion in life of food, and my love of cooking. And i feel that food is one of those vehicles that communicates love. Pray, well i wanted my blog to be spiritual. For some they may not like that thought. But i wanted a spiritual blog that i could communicate my testimony of the savior and his principles. So that’s where the pray came in. And lastly, TURN UP!! Now i know the “world” takes that to mean alcohol. I am far from that concept. When i think of turning up, i think of turning up a song that you love. Or getting amped about life! Living life to the max, and having fun! And so that’s how Eat Pray Turn Up came to pass. Now i’m hoping to take this blog to the next level and be a news outlet of things that are happening in the world today. So sit back, relax and welcome to Eat… Pray… Turn UP!!!!


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