Saving Kenny

Saving Kenny


My personal testimony on how the Lord saved my very life.

By Kenny Green

June 12, 2015- The day began as the last one had. I was sick to my stomach. I had been battling a stomach illness for what seemed to be a few weeks that never went away. I had just returned from a trip to Las vegas with my cousins and family to lay to rest the ashes of my cousin Kermit when this sickness befell me. But it had also been present before i left for vegas so i felt that it was a continuing sickness. After having thrown up for several days i decided i needed to go to the emergency room.

Now again i thought this was a continuing sickness. That it was a stomach issue. All i remember from that day is that i got in the ambulance and was taken to Denver Health. I was brought into one of the emergency rooms, i got on the bed and started watching TV. My next memories were very brief, of a nurse named Carlos standing over me punching me in the chest screaming “Stay with me!” or asking me my name or what date it was.  I remember my heart failure in bits and pieces, i dont exactly know what happened. But i do remember the moment i died.

I was shown myself walking outside of the hospital. It was a perfect day. Everyone that knows me knows i like my weather as hot as possible. It was perfect weather. It was sunny, and it just seemed more beautiful than words could describe. But it was definitely just outside the hospital. I believe that i was getting ready to head to heaven to face judgement. Yes i am of the belief that no matter what your spiritual station for eternity whether with God or not, that we each go before him before we go to our eternal resting place. I believe that had the LORD not saved my life and brought me back to my body my judgement may not have been so good. I was a backslider in my faith. I lived a weak mere existence of Christianity where i paid it lip service but my actions reflected a whole another thing.

I WILL NEVER BE THAT KENNY AGAIN! When my memories come back to me its a week later and i’m in the MICU of Denver Health and the doctors are talking to me about what happened. Yes i lost a WHOLE week of time while going through my heart failure. But one thing i did have when i woke up was a praise in my mouth. When i woke up i knew that i had died. I did not know i had died three times, but i knew i died at least once. And i knew the LORD was the only reason i was back. He had mercy on me. He did not let me meet his judgement seat with the stain of sin that was upon me. He allowed me the chance to come back, repent, change, and live for him.

My time since has not been easy. New diets, new excercising habits. The Lord even had to save my life once more because of a medication error that almost killed me (more about that next post), but i have shrugged off a weak mere existence of falsely following the savior. I am now a true disciple of Jesus Christ. My life is his. He is my master. But something i was reading in the bible this morning shows me how much our savior loves us and its found in John 15:14-16 (NKJV)

“You are my friends if you do whatever i command you. No longer do i call you servants, for a servant does not know what his master is doing; but i have called you friends for all things i heard from My Father have i made known to you. You did not choose me, but i chose you and appointed that you should go and bear fruit and that your fruit remain, that whatever you ask the Father in my name he may give you.”

Become the friend of God. Serve him with willingness and eagerness! He loves you so much that while we deserve to be nothing but servants, he calls us friends. Think about that. The God of all glory. The Creator of all the worlds. The eternal one. Who always is and was. Wants you to be his friend. I’m not worthy. No one is worthy. But the Lord makes us worthy. God bless you and thank you for reading!


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